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I Cried When My Foot Grew…

Even thought they were technically an 80s thing, like most great fashion statements, the came back in the 90s. Around when I was 4 or 5 I believe. I’m talking about the infamous Jelly Sandal. These things were the CROCS of our day. I don’t know why they were so popular, but you know, they were EVERYWHERE!

Mine were Green. Sparkly. Awesome.  I loved those damn things. There was just something about the smell of the plastic they were made out of, the buckle closure, and the translucent jelly straps that composed the shoe that just signified summer.

Basically, these shoes were the sh*t. I wore them EVERYWHERE!!!! But then, alas, my foot grew.  This was the worst thing that could have happened to my happy-jelly-sandal-wearing self. It was so devastating, I cried. Because I was sooo upset, my Moms actually took me out shopping one day, SPECIFICALLY for those damn shoes.  But at this time, the trend was dying down, and it was extremely hard to find a place that sold them.  Finally when we found a place, I was disappointed even more.  The only Jellys they had left where in the size that my foot had recently rejected.  I felt crushed.

However, in that same store, they were selling a different version of the Jelly. It was like the Jelly version of flats.

Obviously I had to have a pair. Or two.  My Moms ended up buying me a pair of pink and a pair of white jelly flats.  I was extremely satisfied. I had my jelly fix.

Even though the same thing happened with the Jelly flats that had with the sandals (the whole foot growing thing), I enjoyed every moment with my Jelly flats.

So, recently as it turns out, Jellys tried to make a comeback.  I just found out that this happened (it was in 2003), so it obviously wasn’t that successful. I just think its best to keep Jellys preserved in my mind as the summer shoe that had me at hello (so to speak).

♥ Jellys!


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